For companies and organizations

Companies of all sizes benefit from open source projects and software. Without financial backing, these projects are at risk. It’s essential to make sure the projects you rely on remain healthy, secure, and up to date.

However, companies can find it difficult to provide that help. Perhaps projects aren’t set up properly as a legal entity to receive donations. Or maybe managing the payment to multiple projects or maintainers is too cumbersome. The Open Source Collective team is here to make your work smooth and easy.

Whether through regular funding or a one-time donation or grant, contributions are made easily through Open Source Collective.

Let us help you make an impact

Companies and organizations worldwide are recognizing the value of open source software.

Some have set up initiatives such as Open Source Program Offices (OSPOs), which help them build strategies for how they manage and support open source projects.

But the open source landscape is complex and constantly shifting. And sometimes you need the right insight and expertise to ensure you deliver what the community really needs.

Open Source Collective was set up specifically to support open source, and has years of experience empowering projects of all types and sizes worldwide. We also work with some of the world’s leading software companies, including GitHub, Google, and Meta, and campaigns like Google Season of Docs, Summer of Code, and Hacktoberfest.

We can:

Connect with open source developers to build relationships and ensure your needs are met
Manage all of your open source support in one place
Deliver the necessary logistical support to fund your community initiatives, examples: Google Summer of Code
Help the projects you use and value to thrive
Raise your profile as a supporter of open source
Manage grants, and set up funds
Set up gift cards so that your employees can back to projects they love

And - even better - we can engage with your vendor systems and procurement, and handle all of your accounting and legal needs.

Become an open source champion

Companies that back open source don’t just protect the software they need. They also:

Raise their reputation as a good community member
Retain talented developers
Attract talent
Build relationships with projects you rely on
See a real return on their investment

Look at other companies who give through Open Source Collective:

For individuals

When it comes to supporting open source, everyone can do something important.

As an individual supporter, your donation can help maintain a project when it matters most. Whether you give once or set up a regular contribution, you’re playing an important part.

You can support any of the collectives or projects hosted by Open Source Collective through the Open Collective platform. Giving is made effortless with Stripe, allowing you to donate in any currency using debit/credit card, PayPal, or direct bank transfer.

Why support open source?

A single donation may not sound like much. But they add up.

Together, the contributions from people like you can help open source maintainers to devote more time to their projects. Which means the projects you use and value are safer, receive regular maintenance, and introduce more features you need.

We use the Open Collective platform for all the projects we host, which means you can see where your donation is going and how it’s spent. We’ll provide you with downloadable receipts and projects can send you updates on their progress.

Direct Donation

You can also donate directly to Open Source Collective. We have years of experience in open source, and will ensure your contribution supports vital projects and initiatives.

You can give money safely and securely via the Open Collective platform.


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