About Us

Open Source Collective is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit fiscal host. We’ve been around since 2017 to provide much-needed support to open source projects.

Since then, we’ve helped thousands of busy project maintainers to fundraise, manage their money, and handle their expenses and administration. We’re an API between the world of distributed collaboration and the world of accounting and invoices.

We also work with organizations, companies, and other organizations that rely on open source software to build better strategies for supporting open source, and partner with major funders to set up transformative initiatives for the community.

You can see our budget here.


Our mission is to promote sustainability and health in the open source ecosystem, while working to benefit all those who create and use open source software.


To create an environment where it is as rewarding and financially secure to build and maintain software for the commons as it is for corporations.


  • Impact: we are not a neutral platform
  • Collectivity: we are building collective power
  • Inclusivity: we are here for many different kinds of people 
  • Honesty: we act with integrity
  • Transparency: we are authentically and accessibly open 
  • Privacy: we respect individual privacy
  • Dignity: we treat others with respect
  • Sustainability & resilience: we're here for the long haul


In January 2022 we published our strategy which included three strategic goals to help us deliver on our mission:

  • Taking an ecosystem-wide approach to supporting open source software
  • Enabling projects to use their money as well as raise it
  • Make financially contributing to open source not only a good business decision but an easy one

Who Are We?

We're a team of open source enthusiasts -- maintainers, technologists, product specialists, creatives, and operational professionals.

Our team has spanned sectors from leading software companies to mission-driven nonprofits. We've combined our experiences and skills at Open Source Collective, a nonprofit fiscal sponsor that is dedicated to supporting thousands of open source projects. As a fully distributed, global team, across four time zones, we embody the spirit of the communities we serve, ensuring that our impact is felt worldwide.



Lauren Gardner

Executive Director

Ben Nickolls

Strategic Director

Grace Powers

Operations Coordinator

Sourav Das

Operations Coordinator

Future Team Member


Future Team Member


Pia Mancini

Board member

Co-founder of OSC and Open Collective

Alyssa Wright

Board member

Bloomberg Open Source

Duane O'Brien

Board member

Joel Wasserman

Board member

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We’re a 501(c)(6) non-profit registered in the USA. EIN 82-2037583

440 N Barranca Ave #3717 Covina, CA 91723

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If you have any questions, let us know at hello@oscollective.org,