We support Open Source.

As a 501(c)(6) nonprofit fiscal sponsor, we provide the financial and legal infrastructure for thousands of open source projects. We’re the 'API' between open source communities and the world of accounting and invoices.

Need a legal and financial home for your open source project?

Here’s how we help…

Open Source Projects

We handle the accounting, taxes, invoices, contracts, employment, and more for 3,500+ open source projects worldwide.

You’ll stay in control of your project, and we’ll make the operational details behind the scenes.


Companies and Organizations

Looking to support the open source projects your business depends on?

We'll help you find your core projects to back, provide valuable metrics, handle grants, and follow your accounting and legal requirements.

Individual Supporters

Open source projects rely on the generosity of individual donors like you.

Support the projects you use and love, or find new ones that matter to you.


Focus on your project while we handle the rest:

Accounting and financial administration
Expense processing: for project contributors, bug bounty programs, vendors, and more
Dedicated project page with configurable donation levels
Multi-country/currency support for payees via bank transfer or PayPal
Bank account access and management
Automated 990 tax forms sent on your behalf
Backend integration with fundraising platforms, like GitHub Sponsors and Thanks.dev
Legal and tax compliance
Employment and benefits
Website domain transfers and registration
Trademark registration and holding
Grant management
Signing contracts and entering into legal agreements
Financial assistance for conferences
Vendor registration and invoicing on behalf of corporate supporters
Networking, development, and peer support

Open source is about cooperation and transparency.

We use the Open Collective platform to manage the fundraising and expenses for each of our fiscally hosted open source projects. This means all budgets are open and visible to everyone and the balance of each project is available in real-time. Even ours.

Here’s our budget.

We work in the open. Our staff is available via email, Slack, or 1:1 over video to help with any questions. We offer regular updates to our hosted collectives through the Open Collective platform and community calls.

Discover Our Community

More than 3,500 open source projects are hosted by Open Source Collective. Check out some of them below.

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We’re a 501(c)(6) non-profit registered in the USA. EIN 82-2037583

440 N Barranca Ave #3717 Covina, CA 91723

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If you have any questions, let us know at hello@oscollective.org,